What I Learned Being Sick – A Mental Health Thing

kelly-sikkema-516850-unsplash.jpgIt feels good to be back!

I was sick from Thanksgiving to about Sunday with the flu. It was the worst I have had since getting bronchitis in February of 2017. That is what I get for forgoing my flu shot this year.

I learned a lot about myself while I was sick and barely eating in the first three days of being sick. The first was that I worry too much about letting people down when I am not writing here on my blog. I realize that I have commitments that I have to put first. While writing new content every day would be fantastic, it is also impossible with being a full-time student, freelance writer, and have my own projects that I am completing.  Life is too short to always be worrying.


The second thing I noticed is that I don’t slow down enough in my week, and it has lead to my overall health declining. I have two modes in life–fast and faster. I will cram so much work into each day, and even when I do take breaks, I am still moving too fast. I forget that I am already dealing with my mental health on a daily basis and that I need to honestly take time to catch up on sleep not work. I need to just relax a day without worrying about anything else.

I believe that is what leads to getting me sick. The funny thing about me getting sick is that just days before my dad told me to slow down or it could start affecting my overall health. I knew he was right, but I didn’t slow down.

It was a good thing in the end because these things are workable in my life. I also learned that I don’t always have to rely on Ativan. On Friday, I took 1mg at night and that was it. It is safe to say my anxiety took a backseat to being sick, but it proved that I don’t need it to survive (I have really though lately that it would be impossible to get off my medications.) I feel confident that things can be different from here until the end of the year.

Maybe being sick was God and life telling me to slow down.

You learn new things everyday. Stay strong in the struggle!


Always Keep Fighting

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unsplash-logoRU Recovery Ministries

Kelly Sikkema

Katie Moum

13 thoughts on “What I Learned Being Sick – A Mental Health Thing

  1. So glad you’re feeling better! I feel bad I bugged you after your going through all that….forgive me! Also, you inspired me to get the flu shot no matter what! Take care & thanks for sharing your experience/perspective – they apply to a lot of us.

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  2. I am currently sick and this is the first time in years, I don’t feel guilty about it. I am still in my pajamas, tissue in tow and eating a small meal. I plan to just read and sleep most of the day.

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