I Get It

I get it.  I do…

Not everyone is like me and you.

And I get why the doctor’s do like they do.

They can’t possibly allow “sick” people to run about.

It is for our protection.

Our chemical makeup tries to destroy us.

Naturally taking us out of limits and then dropping us without a net.

Of the drugs, I have digested

none quite took me there like mania.

A euphoria we are encouraged to contain.

If not we are labeled insane.

Because not everyone sees the different energy levels on this Earth,

or talks to Angels


hears God calling their name,

for that matter.

We do.  Me and you.

We share a connection to this space,

and they will see when we are beyond its grace.

For now though we must be medicated to save face.

Ideas others deem impossible yet they won’t give us a chance,

a bipolar life is about this dance.

It is the discomfort others feel in our presence.

We come off as a force, and they fear those who aren’t afraid to appear.

Are you following me, my dear?

Now take your meds and know it is ok to be you,

but you must be you this way,

our way.

It’ll be okay.


30 thoughts on “I Get It

  1. Hell yeah!!! Get outta my head! It’s like you just keep taking the words right outta my mouth leaving me literally speechless. I absolutely love it but it kinda cuts down on what I can write about without feeling a tad plagiaristic. Don’t stop though. Your posts put the biggest smile on my face. Someone out there understands! I still won’t take my meds no matter what you say. 😘 All my love! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Sometimes, we longed for the acceptance of others in the world, that we just, forget that we are what’s important, because that, is the way we were, socialized to live in this world, sometimes, we just have to let loose, and allow ourselves to blow up, and afterwards, everything will calm back down, because if you keep it in too long, you will, get ill.

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  4. This breaks my heart on so many levels. It takes my breathe away about the magnitude of my responsibility as a mom. I have a daughter with BP1.
    She does hear god in mania, but also demons, dead people and scary command hallucinations. She self-harms or is incredibly violent with others. Her depressions terrify me that I’ll never get my beautiful back out of her bed again.
    Yes, medication keeps her (and us) safe. But I forever fear that I am dimming her light. As she gets older she will make these choices for herself. I don’t want her to have to conform. I don’t want her to be afraid or feel guilty. I don’t want her to believe she isn’t an amazing beautiful soul. I also don’t want her to die.
    These decisions are hard. Thank you for showing me the other side.

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    • It is hard as an adult to remember how important it is for us to take our meds. I am currently experiencing a terrible anxiety induced spiral because I made the choice not to take my meds for two weeks. I am in hell. I quit taking them because it dulls my shine but I have to choose, function or not. It is the most difficult thing anyone should have to deal with. I am lucky I talk to Angels but as a child, I dreamt of demons. Rage has been a problem for me and continues to be today. I am sorry you have to witness such a tremendous struggle.


  5. Never forget that you are a warrior and have a host of angels watching over you. You will conquer this battle and every other one you are forced to fight. That’s what we do. We fight because giving up is simply not an option. Claim the victory of being You! That in itself is beyond amazing! I send you all my love and light to shine out the darkness that has no business being with you. Keep me informed please!❤️❤️❤️

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      • Congratulations on yet another little victory! Be proud of yourself for overcoming this crisis. We both know that damn anxiety devil will most likely rear it’s ugly head when it wants to so just be prepared to tell him to go back to the pits of hell where he came from because you aren’t going to listen to his lies anymore. Talk to your demons. Yell at them! Scream if you have to! Don’t listen to their lies and don’t allow them to stick around long enough to tell you what you don’t wanna hear. All my love! ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Dear lady, a word of caution: Abruptly stopping medications affecting your neurotransmitter levels is not recommended. I’d forget to take a dose or three every now and then, and the next week was very hard to get through. Even tapering down reeeeaaaallllly slowly was a big battle for me. I stopped my meds because i just do not like the idea of depending on big pharma, but my life was much happier when I was on them.

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