The Stigma Bubble – a poem

I once lived in a bubble

the mental illness kind of bubble.

I didn’t know the truth, only what I saw on TV.

Pretending it wasn’t real. Refusing to see

the truth of mental illness and the reality

of its huge prevalence from sea to shining sea.

One day I became the statistic, the one in five.

Forced to learn. Jumped in head first. Took a dive.

I became what and who they stigmatize.

A shameful deplorable vision, right before their eyes.

Surrounded myself with rubble,

a mental illness kind of  muzzle.

Soon became tired of the negative, hurtful stuff.

Learned to survive and thrive. Enough was enough.

I was no longer ashamed.

My new life reclaimed.

There was beauty in knowing the magnitude and scope

of the endless possibilities of a future full of hope.

We must all realize, sometimes it’s okay not to be okay.

It happens to many and you will make it through one day.

~written by Susan Walz

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~Anais Nin

Copyright © 2018 Susan Walz | | All Rights Reserved

24 thoughts on “The Stigma Bubble – a poem

  1. Love this post and poem. I hope you will forgive me as I quietly amuse myself because my bipolar mindset automatically jumped to its own conclusion. That portion of my mind thinks that the bubble needs to be, become or remain ‘permeable’ sometimes so one can enter into its protective field – at least this is still so for me. It can allow one to become a lone observation post or silent observer in new a situation. Especially where one feels unsure of or needs to discern the who, what, where, when, why or how of an encounter with another human being. o.O

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    • I love your perspective on this and I understand it as well. I never thought of it that way. It would be nice to be able to pop the bubble when we are ready to, but also be able to enter back into the safety and security of the bubble when we needed it. Brilliant. I love that. Thank you again for your great insight with this and feel free to amuse yourself with you mindset whenever you need or want to. Much love and hugs, Sue

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      • Thus the need for the “permeability” of the bubble. The beauty is – we control the bubble. Therefore, allowing us the flexibility to come and go as we please, and if needed the ability shore up the permeability for protection against stalwart forces that attempt to overwhelm our ability to reason.
        May your bubble be blessed!


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