Today, September 10th


A day of prevention

I must mention.

Raised voices chant.

Families grieve

for their loss.

The suffering hide in silence.

A world unites

to claim a day

in honor of those who fallen.

Many acclaim a selfish


yet they do not know the impact.

Alarming statistics rise each year.

There lies a fear.

A discussion never had

leads to a life uncertain.

Afraid you’ll see beyond

the curtain.

Thoughts of death torment

with promises to solve.

Enduring an unexplainable pain

wishing to end it all.

One doesn’t deserve to bear

such spiraling sadness.

There is no secured solution

for this tragic act.

Communication ranks high on ways

to prevent suicide.

For those suffering there is hope

and for those family members,

have the conversation.

It saves lives.

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