Update: My Campaign to Upgrade

I wanted to make a quick update on my progress that I talked about on my blog post Sharing My Vision for The Bipolar Writer Blog. I was hoping to upgrade this time around, but it wasn’t meant to be. It was a grandiose idea. Hopefully, in the coming months, I will be able to upgrade on my own.

With that said, some fantastic fellow bloggers worked towards that goal by donating to the cause. It means the world that I could at least, for now, keep my current premium subscription going. I promised to list all those who helped make The Bipolar Writer possible. Thank-you to all the following bloggers who made a donation.

Andrick Schall

Samantha Warren

Lisa Juergens

Jessica Regn

Jamie Anderson

Florence Weaver


Over the next year, I will continue to bring new and original content and grow the already fantastic family that is my contributor bloggers here on The Bipolar Writer blog. It is close to my one year anniversary of starting this blog, and we are just getting started. I plan on doing everything I planned with the business upgrade. I always write because I want to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. I can continue to do just that over the next year.

Always Keep Fighting


Photo Credit:

Manuel Cosentino

Nathan Dumlao

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