A Prescription Drug Addict – a poem

Taking Klonopin for over twenty years,

caused many heartbreaking tears.

When a doctor first gave me mine.

It was better than a fine wine.

I started using

and then abusing.

Sometimes taking more than I should.

Then trying to stop as hard as I could.

Called K-pins on the street.

The name is not discreet.

Take one, two or five

it makes you come alive.

Gives you a little high,

but you’re not sure why.

You know you must have more.

Some prescriptions filled at the store.

Some buy them on the street.

Twenty bucks will buy the treat.

Regardless of where, how or why

the outcome will make you cry.

If taken more than fourteen days,

it wreaks havoc in the most painful ways.

The brain and body become dependent.

An addiction no matter the route you went.

I’m no different than the drug addict on the street,

except I look different as my appearance is neat.

And my drugs were ordered the legal way,

by the doctor’s prescription and insurance pay.

Inside our damage and pain are one and the same.

The only difference is how they give us our name.

Please be kind and don’t judge.

It may be you that you smudge.

~written by Susan Walz

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Please remember, this poem was written because of my story and journey and it does not mean it is or will be yours. We are all different to our reactions to medications. Our stories are all uniquely ours. We have similar experiences and this is the beauty that helps us not feel alone. I am only trying to increase awareness of possible dangers for some people, like myself.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my story, I just wanted you to know I am no longer using or abusing Klonopin. Hello, my name is Sue and I am a Benzodiazepine (Klonopin) abuse survivor and I am in recovery. I am just like other “addicts” and substance abuse survivors. The only difference is that there isn’t a group to join, not in the area I live anyway.

No matter where you are in recovery from anything you need to recover from always remember every day, every hour and every minute is a great accomplishment and achievement and is a huge step in the right direction on your journey of recovery.

Happy recovery everyone.

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15 thoughts on “A Prescription Drug Addict – a poem

  1. I love your vulnerability in this, it’s amazing to hear that you were able to recover but I think so many of us have a set image of what an addiction looks like and it can literally be just about anything. Kudos to you! (:

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    • Thank you very much. I agree with you. There is truly no stereotypical look or type of person that is an addict. You would be surprised who is walking around addicted to medications. There are way too many that is for sure and they may be the people who you would least expect it. Much love and hugs, Sue

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    • Thank you for saying that. I am not sure if I am brave for sure, but I am a survivor and I am so blessed because I know God saved my life, again. Thank for you reading and for commenting. I love getting feedback and I appreciate it greatly. Hugs, Sue


  2. I think, it’s the brain that makes you feel that you need the pills that is the primary cause of your addiction, and once you’d slowly, realized, that you are strong enough, to deal with whatever’s going on outside of you, quitting the pills would be, easy, as the psychological aspect of an addiction is the hardest to kick, and you will, go through the symptoms of withdrawal, which are usually difficult to handle, so, having a strong social network is very important. Just get off your dependence of the pills, a little bit each and every single day, by taking the medications a little less until you can, finally, do without them.

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    • Thank you. I am not taking Klonopin or any psychotropic medications right now. It was actually the physical dependency that was the worst part for me. The medication does change the brain and causes neurological and physical changes and reactions in the body as well. It can also cause your body to go through painful and excruciating withdrawals. Thank you for reading and for your great feedback. I truly appreciate it. It is awesome and very interesting for me to hear other people’s perspective on this issue. Thank you again. I hope you are well. Much love and hugs, Sue


  3. Addiction is a state when your mind completely overshadows your rational mind. It gets almost impossible for a person to survive without having his choice of drug. When kept in scarcity, the person undergoes withdrawal symptoms as the hunger for the drug elevates. The person soon starts showcasing the characteristics of mental disability.

    It is mandatory that a person, who is undergoing such traumatic health conditions, and showing the symptoms of excessive cravings, obsession, and uncontrollable behavior, must immediately get psychotherapeutic treatments. Such people lack connectivity and are unable to cope up with the stressful situations. People become addicts, either due to genetic or environmental reasons. Sometimes families neglect the behavioral changes and oversee what their child or a loved one is going through. Early detection is always the best cure for drug addiction.

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