Happy International Left-Hander’s Day!

A whole day just for left-handed people? That is something that I can get behind!

This is not the usual thing that you see on The Bipolar Writer blog, but it is the first time since starting this blog that I can celebrate my left-handedness with the world. At times, I complain about being left-handed. This comes from years as a kid always having to go classroom to classroom in search of left-ha nded scissors (seriously why don’t they make ambidextrous scissors a regular thing?)

To be honest, I do love being left-handed. People tend to notice that first as I do almost everything with my left (except for wearing my watch with for some odd reason I wear on my right wrist.) It makes me a little unique. I love to meet left-handed people thought that has been surprisingly rare lately. My favorite baseball player, #22 Clayton  Kershaw who pitches tonight against the rival Giants, is a lefty.

It got me thinking while writing this post. How many of my mental illness community bloggers are lefties?

I’d love to know if you think being left-handed makes you more apt to be creative. Some experts believe that us caleb-lucas-538166-unsplashlefties are right brain dominant (the creative side) so much that we are very good at creative works. The downside of being a lefty for me is that I am incredibly clumsy.

It would be interesting to know, so if like me you’re a lefty, sound off!!!

Share your lefty experiences. If you a righty, tell an odd story about a lefty.

Happy International Left-handers day!

Always Keep Fighting


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Caleb Lucas

14 thoughts on “Happy International Left-Hander’s Day!

  1. I’m a proud southpaw, and I’m grateful that I was never pressured to switch.

    Most of the time it goes unnoticed, but it does lead to a couple of fun scenarios:

    • When people see how I hold a pen. Yes I’m left-handed, yes I hold it funny, no you’re not the first person to ask!

    • When people ask me to open a jar and I pop it open straight away. It turns out the left hand is better for opening jars (for biomechanical reasons) but most people only try with the right. It’s like a superpower, and I’m not even that strong!

    Happy ILHD to you too! ☺️

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  2. My dad was actually born a lefty and forced to be a righty, I remember when I learned that and he had been put through that, it was one of the times where I felt very different from others I was really young though and always worrying about things I shouldn’t worry about. I am oddly a lefty in writing but other than that I am mainly right handed. I think the worse was when I was little and they would give us expo boards to write on, and as we all know being a lefty is like death for those just rubbing your hand across it (just like writing cards with a leaky pen), because of this I taught myself how to write righty especially in math. I remember this one time in sophomore year, they asked me to do a problem on the board, and I started ruining it with my hand so I switched to my right, and everyone commented saying “wait did you just…” “you’re a lefty?” And I just laughed and shrugged it off. It is odd though when people realize or look at your hands while you’re writing and comment on you being a lefty. Happy ILHD!!!

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  3. I’m a lefty too! And I’ve always loved being a lefty. Fortunately, my parents and my teachers never tried to make me into a righty. I’ve always heard that leffies are more creative, too, but I must be an exception because I’ve never found myself to be very creative. I do have depression, however, and I’ve always been incredibly clumsy. I never knew there was an International Left-Handers Day, but I will celebrate it with gusto from now on.

    Interesting side note: Some years ago I attended a workshop in Seattle, Washington. We participants sat at round tables, seven to a table, as I recall. My tablemates and I were all strangers to each other as we sat down, but we quickly found we had something special in common. We were all left-handed! I’ve never encountered that before or since.

    Long live Lefties!

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  4. Yes! Left handed! My mum was adament that my school allowed me to choose which hand was dominant. Now as an adult, I write with the left, but pretty much do everything else with the right – scissors, bat and ball etc. I am very creative so the stereotype rings true for me. 🙂

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  6. I do some things better left handed and others right. The only problem I had with this was when I was in the service. The M-16 was definitely made for right handers. I kept getting burnt by ejected shell casings when I fired the rifle.

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  7. 🙂 Proud lefty here 🙂 and like you wear my watch on my right wrist. Two schools of thought to way this is so: 1. Depending on the strap it is easier to close with your dominant hand & 2. You subconsciously put it on your right so you won’t bang it into things and break it.

    There are a few things that I can’t do lefty – cut with scissors, play guitar, use a manual can opener.

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