Music That Changes my Mood – Pt. 16

I haven’t done one of these in ages! For those that are new to The Bipolar Writer Blog, I used to do one “favorite music” segments a month. So here is some of the music that got me through today, which has been a tough day, to be honest. Music can be the best therapy especially on those really bad depression or social anxiety days. Music really is life at times.

Paramore –  Still Into You

I can’t go most days without listening to a Paramore song. I have a million Paramore shirts and it is more likely you will see me wearing one! So, here are three songs that changed my mood today.

Paramore – Ain’t it Fun

Paramore – Emergency

Owl City – Fireflies

You need a pick me up song? Just listen to any Owl City song and it will make you feel better.

Owl City – Saltwater Room

Motion City Soundtrack – Fell In Love Without You (acoustic)

It Had to be You

Crystalyne – Punks Don’t Dance

Crystalyne is another one of those bands that I can’t live without. If you never heard of them I’d highly recommend.

We Are The In Crowd – Rumor Mill

We Are The In Crowd is much like many of the bands on this list –  I just can’t live without. Here are three of my favorites that I listened to today!

Both Sides of the Story

Kiss Me Again

All Time Low – Weighless

I want to end today with All-Time Low. Here are two great songs. Another band I that I can’t live without their music.

Remebering Sunday

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Music That Changes my Mood.”


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29 thoughts on “Music That Changes my Mood – Pt. 16

  1. love musik…it just does something to me…I use the free version of Spotify lol…always something there for what ever you feel…
    Fireflies love it…almost has a 80’s feel…
    Hugggs n ♥♥♥

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  2. Music is a universal language, not because of the words, but because of the emotions it invokes. We have similar taste in music. I’ll have to checkout crystalline.

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  5. I just started my blog, and it is almost all about music haha. I’m bipolar as well and although counselors, pastors, leaders helped, it was music that truly spoke to me and pushed me forward. So hey man… very cool. I can relate. And hell yeah Paramore!!!! Favorite band of all time.

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