If it Feels Right, Keep Running

I have an exam for my psych class I need to be doing but I felt this to be just as important. It’s crazy when inspiration hits you blindly. You’re just going along in life and BAM, you feel this compelling need to do something, whether it be something as simple as clean out the closet, organize those pictures that have been sitting for years, read a good book, write a good book, start a business or go for a run.

As many of you know I am a “runner”, a lot of my friends are runners, I run trails, I run at the beach, most pictures of me online are sweaty versions of myself after a run. What you may not know is that I hate running. I would rather go to the gym for a class or sit on a spin bike for 45 minutes than run 2 miles down my street, but I am in love with the company it keeps, the outside air, and the feeling when you are done, so I continue to tie my shoes and hit the pavement, but not without some serious convincing.

Today, however, as I was brainstorming about my newest project, and feeling a little overwhelmed by what I got myself into, I felt this insanely compelling urge to go for run. This is a rare occasion, but it was such a strong feeling that as soon as I had it I grabbed my things so quickly I forgot a water. As I took my first stride, I put on my music, I picked up my head, took a deep breath and soon the chaotic thoughts began to quiet. It was freeing, it was calming, and it was just me, then BAM, the moment I allowed myself to settle into a pace, inspiration shot through me. The ideas and the reasons for everything I am doing flooded my head, in a good way. I remembered why I started this journey and I remembered why I want to share it with you. These thoughts, this inspiration, makes me want to keep reaching, keep writing and keep running.

I had a goal in mind for this run, but when I reached the turn around point, I allowed myself a breath and just kept going. Looking ahead, and listening to my body, taking a breath when I needed it, or running faster when I felt strong, I accomplished that extra mile and much quicker than I have in a very long time.  The urge to run today felt right, I was compelled to tie my shoes, and because I didn’t stop to think about what all I had to do, or convince myself I was too tired, I ran, and people, it was amazing.

Life is screaming at you to live it, so when you are compelled to step out into it, don’t look down, listen to your voice, gauge your pace, take a breath when necessary, and sprint when your strong. When it feels right, keep running.

Much Love,


keep running

Bruno Nascimento

13 thoughts on “If it Feels Right, Keep Running

  1. This is timely, for me. I’m trying to untangle my inspirations from the rest of the threads in my mind (some of which are ugly) and I felt kindred with the urge to physically move in order to metaphysically travel 😉 solidarity

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