Inside and Out

Over the course of the last month, I have had the honor to do a freelance project called Inside and Out with a local writer named Terry Fisher. In the book, the author writes a variety of odes and musings from her own life. The author took a chance on me and gave me everything she had with the hopes that I could write every ode and musings from start to finish. I had to set up the entire book including inside cover pages, breaking down the table of contents for the odes, rewriting each ode in her desired front, formatting to the specifications of her publisher, and to design certain pages with pictures.

It has been an amazing experience to learn about another writer through 70 or so odes that Terry Fisher has written over the course of her life. The book will be published with the next month or two and I will link on this page where to buy the book when the time comes. For now when the author chooses I will be posting different odes from Inside and Out.

I will, of course, create different blog posts for each ode the author would like me to post on here. I have listed the first ode here:

 Book Review: Inside and Out

Ode to Depression

Ode to Sammie

Ode to John Belnap CRNA

Odes from Inside & Out by Terry Fisher




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