A Soul

On late nights

Galaxy outta sight

Bring me to life

Starry, full moon night

In the dark I find light

A soul take flight

On late nights

Mornings anew

Fresh point of view

Sluggish and slew

Dawn a sight for few

Smells of dew

Sunshine blinding

And bright

A close second to night

Soul of warmth

Warrants compassion

Midday passion

A soothed soul

Life paying its toll



Did I mention?

Dreams come to fruition

On late nights

A spiritual affair

Hovering in the air

Some dare

Full moon’s flare

Nothing can compare


We stare

A soul


One full moon’s night

Candace, author, believes in the magic of a full moons energy. The moon is the only thing that unites us across time and oceans. On a full moons night the energy field is powerful and magnificent. I challenge you to use this night to communicate with yourself. Choose positive words, under the moon. Speak your truths and give your challenges over to the light of the night. While you are gazing at it, know that I am too.!!

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