I don’t love everything about my body.

I wish my decoy wasn’t to look for flaws in an argument or even set out to see things from a different perspective however, I guess if I really wished that I wouldn’t be writing this at all.

Embrace your body and love yourself because you are unique and perfect.

OK- so surface level there is absolutely nothing wrong with that statement, I mean shouldn’t we all achieve to love ourselves and accept ourselves? Well, yes of course I agree. Although I think we are actually setting unrealistic expectations not for our bodies but for our minds.

Hear me! hear me! I fully support being body positive and I do believe there is no standard for beauty, I don’t even think unconventional beauty exists, because after all it is all subjective regardless of how much the media throws magazines and advertisements our way.

It’s just that I know I am never going to love everything about my body, maybe I sound negative and maybe it’s why I am not the right person to talk to about this. There are things I love about my body and I have grown to appreciate some features I used to despise. The fact of the matter is that working on self growth is something I will always support but I think it is foolish to expect everyone to fall madly in love with themselves.

I mean beyond the beauty standards there are a lot of reasons not to be the biggest fan of your body. I have PCOS, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, adrenal fatigue and if I say anymore I will start losing credibility (as if I haven’t already lost some)

Some of you might want to persuade me to see the positives. All of my problems make me stop and focus on self-care, they allow me to not take a lot for granted and in some ways they keep me healthier (can’t drink and/or eat processed foods etc)
Yes I admit that I have benefited from these sort of ailments however, I am not going to post about how I love everything about my body, because Frankly I do not.

I have accepted what cards I have been dealt and I do my best to take care of my body. Though, I think it is unrealistic and a little insulting to ask me to see everything as a positive. Life is full of positives and life is also full of negatives.

Positive movements are great but life still oftentimes sucks and it is OK to say that. It is OK to not be OK. Of course I encourage everyone to see to try their best to love themselves but I still don’t ever expect anyone to pretend they are happy when they are not.

More than anything I think healthy self-expression is more important than some feigned sense of self-worth.

So, just be honest about where you are. Maybe you really do embrace yourself completely and I swear I am happy for you but if you don’t then don’t be afraid to say that. I am not encouraging people to dwell and write angsty posts about how they hate themselves.

I am encouraging people to be honest. I am not the biggest fan of how tired and exhausted my body can get from so little. I am not the biggest fan of the bags under my eyes, I don’t particularly care for a lot of things. Now I don’t think it is really productive to list all of them and bum myself out because after all they are what make me, me.

I wouldn’t trade any of my flaws for the world, I am attached to myself and I do love myself for exactly the person I am, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy, it doesn’t mean I am always happy and that I don’t have my own problems with my body.

So, please embrace yourself but also please don’t pretend to be OK when you’re not.

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19 thoughts on “I don’t love everything about my body.

  1. “The fact of the matter is that working on self growth is something I will always support but I think it is foolish to expect everyone to fall madly in love with themselves.”- I can connect with it so well.
    This “Be happy with yourself 24*7” noise feels too much sometimes, just like- “Be productive since 4.00 AM” mantra.

    Loved your post. 🙂 Keep writing.

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    • Thank you so much, it’s really comforting to know someone feels similar and exactly! It’s OK not to be OK sorta dealio.
      Sending my best ❤

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  2. Sometimes outward appearance is a sign of an inward problem. And it’s okay for us to try to work on those things. For instance, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight in about a year that seems to be above my baseline and for the first time ever my blood pressure is leaning on the high side. My outward appearance is telling me about an inward problem. So I gotta handle it, even if to other people it doesn’t seem like a big deal because I still “look pretty good.” So it’s okay to acknowledge things that need to change or that bother you. My asthma sucks and I don’t want hypertension so I guess I’m going to be doing more cardio LOL

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    • Yes, I love this. It is definitely more about treating your body well and being healthy as opposed to pretending to be happy when you know there may be underlying issues that you could fix to make things better for yourself. Thank you for the read! and the insightful comment! Sending my best ❤

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  3. Thank you for being honest about your love for your body. Although I have flaws and I have days were I do not love my body for what it is. I have moments where I feel that I should be taking better care of myself. Having that honesty with yourself about where you are at can make all the difference. So can’t thank you for your post. Please keep being honest ❤️

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  4. I hope I never think of myself as perfect because then I would stop trying to change or grow. I hope to achieve a level of comfort in my body and in myself where I can accept all of states of being, but being without flaws is a flaw in and of itself. As living creatures we are designed to change and being perfect implies being stagnant.
    Your post made me think about these things and how I hope to never be finished with my body, mental, or spiritual growth.

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    • that was extremely profound, thank you so much for reading and for sharing<3 sending you my very best. I will remember what you said and pass it on 🙂


  5. Thank you for being honest about your body, its hard to feel confident about how you look. At the end you have to make the choice to change how you look.

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