Members of the Same Tribe

The Update

I am in awe of the experiences of the mental illness community that I have been a part of over the past ten months of blogging on WordPress. I believe that we are all members of the same tribe with different journeys and experiences.  In my interview series alone, I have had the honor of sharing some amazing stories of individuals living in spite of their mental illness.

This summer I want to continue to share the stories here on the Bipolar Writer, and I hope to do that with enough stories to start a new book. Those that have an interview feature on The Bipolar Writer blog, I am looking to expand on those interviews with more questions. For those that are interested, please see my contact page.

For those that were interested in me guest blogging on their blog, I am still working on some articles. I made a list and will be working on that list in the coming weeks.

Let’s remember that this community, the mental illness community is only as strong if we work together to fight the stigma of mental illness. When we give mental illness a face, it means that we are fighting this together.

As always. Always Keep Fighting


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