Purpose in Positivity

Find the Positive in All You Do

There is an odd/weird phenomenon that occurs with me. You see I have mild OCD and one of the characteristics of OCD include obsessive thinking. Although my case is considered mild, my obsessive thinking is far from it.

As I was laying down, before bed, my mind was racing trying to decipher the madness. When I woke, purpose is what came of a long night of obsessing. This is how I often choose my writing topics. I clearly see a word, in my mind’s eye, in different fonts, floating around. It isn’t until I write about the word before the vision ceases. Weird, right? A gift? Possibly. It depends on how you look at it.

Isn’t that with everything in life? It’s how you look at it. It is easy to fall into a pit of despair and the trend of negative thinking. What isn’t easy is thinking positive.

I’ve read that happiness is a decision and I disagree with that statement because my experience with bipolar depression has proven otherwise. I do, however, believe that positive thinking is a decision. It can be a struggle to find the positive in life but there is purpose in positivity.

As I mentioned above, yes my floating word is abnormal and caused by OCD but I chose to see this as a gift. And that it is indeed. If it wasn’t for this, I would need to seek inspiration for topics. It isn’t an everyday occurrence yet it is an asset.

Another example is my bipolar diagnosis. When diagnosed I immediately viewed it as a burden but since acceptance and the correct medication regime, I have found the positive.

What’s that you ask?

My blog. I began my blog to document my experiences with mental illness and from that came my purpose, perhaps my life’s purpose. I have set out to #stopthesilence and #speakup! in regards to the importance of mental health. My blog is my movement. My contribution. My purpose. My revenge.

Sure, I could be easily be discouraged but I remind myself that others, like James, have made it their mission too. I encourage you to use the hashtags #speakup! and #stopthesilence when you publish a post about life with mental illness. Let’s form an army!

I now challenge you to find the positive in an area of your life that may have a negative impact. Try it.

Does positivity work for you?

11 thoughts on “Purpose in Positivity

  1. It’s all about mindfulness and creating a positive outlook on life. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t give it my all to view the positive things in my life. They make it easier to handle the negative side of things. Being bipolar, and having OCD is a challenge… But then again, we are a work in progress, right?

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