Hey Ya’ll!

I would politely like to introduce myself.

I am ‘Eve’

The author behind Revenge of Eve. James has done a feature interview on me that he recently reposted. So you may be familiar with my story.

For my followers that follow James, heyyy!

James has lent me his platform to share my story and my experiences, in my words. That is so kind of him.

For those that don’t know about me, all 5,123 …. Lol, I don’t know exactly how many, of you, I am Candace. I am an alcoholic in recovery; 3 years and 2 months sober, a bartender 😉 and the mother to one amazing teenage daughter. I am a “Southern girl”.

I, like the rest of the peeps here, have a plethora of diagnosis and it is my mission to #speakup!

I am bipolar, with anxiety and mild OCD. Oh … And an alcoholic, making me have co-occurring disorders. My disorders don’t define me but they have been known to get in my way.

I write about life as I know it.

My life.

I am passionate about writing and mental wellness and about stationery. I have recently started the journey of wanting to start a creative business and blog about that on a website separate of R.O.E.

If you are interested in real life writing, I invite you to read, interact and #speakup! (Comment).

I am, as they say, an open book.

I make myself readily available for anyone who is struggling or just needs to talk. You can contact me via email on any three of the blogs I am associated with.

So if any of this sounds good to you, we’ll be chat’n soon.

Always & forever,


9 thoughts on “Hey Ya’ll!

  1. Great getting to know you Candace. I’m married to a Marine veteran, he’s 10 years sober, the length of time we’ve been married – still needing support in spaces where a drink or two is being passed out. Unfortunately in today’s society, drinking and social outings, birthdays and other celebrations for some reason go hand in hand with liquor. It’s hard on him as it is for myself. But everyday is a new day, a new battle. When he finally acknowledged his ‘problem’ he was able to also allow me to help him. If you don’t mind, I’d like to know is, how are you a bartender and a recovering alcoholic? I mean, I’m assuming it’s hard. Where do you gather that inner strength.

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    • I challenged the bottle for a few years after I admitted I had a problem and it almost killed me, a couple of times. I finally surrendered, waving my white flag. Now how do I do it? Good question… I only have one answer that may suffice and that is while I was sober for a year and a half there was something missing. I had always been a bartender but at this point, I was not so I would not be tempted. I gradually started working around liquor again and realized that it did not tempt me so when the opportunity came available to bartend two nights a week, I jumped on it. Low and behold that was the piece of me that was missing. It joyed me to reconnect with this piece of me and it has been empowering sharing my testimony as a sober bartender. I have experienced anxiety while working and thought a drink would help but I quickly remind myself that is not an option. I am a drunk and it isn’t pretty. I am also medicated for bipolar so I think that helps a lot, so I do not self-medicate. I wish you and your husband the best of luck. Congratulations on his sobriety and I personally would like to thank you for being in his life. You seem to be an asset to his recovery. Thank you for your comment.

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      • Thank you so much for replying! 🙏🏽 Your journey is going to inspire so many! As it’s inspired me. I don’t know how many times I wanted to give up when he wasn’t admitting he indeed had a problem. But we had a child together prior to being married and before we got married, I took him to his first AA meeting – against his will. Thank God! It was what he needed to realize he was the worst drinker and even worse drunk! Horrible! We attended the meeting even leading up to our wedding date – we’ve been married 10 years. I have to be with him if there’s a birthday, wedding, etc. I have to go, otherwise he doesn’t go. He accepts things as they are as he doesn’t want to derail. It’s a rough road and journey not too many know of. Thank you, I decided a long time ago, I wouldn’t give up on him. Although hard at times, it’s worth knowing I won’t trade him for the bottle.

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