In a Blink of an Eye…

I am in awe, and a few days late.

I have been busy, and all of sudden I look up and my blog has grown both in contributor bloggers and followers. I smile every day by those who take a moment in their busy lives to come to this blog and leave comments, likes, and views.

Never in a thousand years could I ever think when I started this blog in September 2017 that The Bipolar Writer blog would get to 6,000 plus followers. Yet, here we are, and if you are reading this blog post, there is a good chance that you a part of my growing community of like-minded mental health advocates and bloggers.

I am genuinely honored daily by the people making connections to my blog through my own writings and my growing number of contributor bloggers who now call The Bipolar Writer blog a part of their life.

I have shared the stories of others in the mental illness community, and as the blog has grown, I have been able to share so much of myself— something I never thought possible two years ago.

6,000 and growing!

I am so happy that I made the decision to start this blog and I look forward to the continuous growth of this blog. We are all on a rollercoaster that can only go up. So let’s continue the conversation.

Let us end the stigma surrounding mental illness together!

Always keep Fighting.

James Edgar Skye

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoLoïc Fürhoff

19 thoughts on “In a Blink of an Eye…

  1. Wow. Congratulations James. That is soooo…. incredible. 6000 followers in less than a year is beyond amazingly fantastic. I am very happy for you. Remember you did this James. Be proud of yourself. Never forget how amazing you are and what a talented writer you are. You have a story to tell and an incredible gift of writing your story and sharing the stories of others. You are helping many people in many ways. Thank you James for your blog. Thank you for letting me be a contributing blogger on your blog. It has helped me a lot. It has helped me to strive to be a better writer. You have helped me in many ways. Thank you James for sharing a part of yourself and life with all of us. Thank you James for YOU. I look forward to your journey of having 12000 followers on your blog. Congratulations again. I am very happy for you James. Much love and hugs, Sue

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