Eve’s Interview Feature

The Journey to Recovery

Recovery. It’s where each of us in the mental illness community strives to reach in our lives. It can feel impossible at times because with a mental illness often comes other issues. Rarely are we lucky enough to have one aspect of a mental illness, and that is it, but recovery is possible. Ask Eve from, Louisiana.

“I would like to share that recovery from a mental illness is possible. I would also like the community to be aware of co-occurring disorders. They need treatment to heal. There is a light to reach towards.”

In this journey, Eve first found herself in the chaos of life That has never been an easy one for her. Before her diagnosis, Eve was an active alcoholic that was living life on the edge, and not surviving it at all. Alcoholism is never good mixes well with a mental illness.

“I lost my mind late August 2012,” Eve recalls. “I was suicidal and extremely sick. I had a breakdown at the age of 33. I was admitted to the hospital under the impression I was going for a detox.”

It became more than that for Eve, as her doctors put her into the psychiatric ward. This was one of three different psych ward admissions that Eve would have no choice but to endure. In mind of Eve had lost herself, and it felt as if it would be that way forever. Like many of us, Eve became hopeless in the constant ups and downs of her growing mental illness.

Eve did what she could to survive often finding herself at the bottom of a bottle. Drinking became a way to function for Eve, and she drank to sleep, to work, and to function daily. When combined with her ever-growing depression it became a deadly spiral for Eve. It almost ended Eve for good.

“I will have three years sobriety in April of 2018.”


Over the years Eve has endured a long procession of diagnoses. For Eve her diagnosis has been Major Depressive Disorder with anxiety. In January of 2017 Eve received her current diagnosis of Bipolar with anxiety and mild OCD. Eve has what her doctors describe as co-occurring disabilities.

A person with a mental illness often finds themselves lost in the daily struggle, and it is no different for Eve. In her life, Eve has found ways to cope with the daily struggles.

“I am able to record my moods, track them, and prepare myself for cycling,” Eve explains her struggles. “I began a new medication in September of 2017, a mood stabilizer. It has given me my life back.”

Eve now considers herself in recovery from her diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. There is no actual cure for Bipolar disorder. Eve finds comfort in this positive thinking that recovery is possible. She is living proof that it is true.

Still, Eve works very hard each day to continue her recovery. In the good days of Eve’s life, she is always smiling, and she knows that smiling is important. In the days that she can’t function she has to work harder. With her current medication, the hard days are becoming fewer and fewer.

Being Bipolar effects Eve’s life because of the unstable nature of the disease.

“You can not maintain balance without stability,” Eve explains. “And my source of stability is broken. I aim to achieve some form of balance, as much as possible. I go from one extreme to the next. My brain just doesn‘t work like others, making it difficult to communicate my perspective.”

Eve has found solace in writing her mental health blog. It has become a platform for Eve to discuss the extreme moods that she experiences. It has done wonders in her life. Eve through her blog has received validation and encouragement from her fellow bloggers. For Eve, talking about her journey has meant that she is in the recovery healing process.

In her life, Eve has found the good place and blogging has been a major factor. Eve has found the little things in life that make life worth living for her.

”My daughter makes life worth living, my family, a few friends, and a will to live,” Eve talks about the present. “I have not wanted to live a lot in my life, So giving myself credit, my will feels great. I am worthy of life.”


Eve has an amazing will to live and a spirit of recovery we can all look at as a positive thing. Eve has proven that with the right attitude we can start to recover from our mental illness. What amazes me about Eve is that besides having a mental illness she is fighting alcoholism. It is as if she is fighting multiple wars in her own life.

If you would like to learn more about Eve you can find her on her blog.


Interviewee: Eve

Author: James Edgar Skye

Photo Credit:

unsplash-logoBenjamin Combs

unsplash-logoPaola Chaaya

unsplash-logoAngelo Pantazis

14 thoughts on “Eve’s Interview Feature

  1. Thank you so much for writing my story. I am hopeful that other’s will find strength in the message. Recovery is possible through work and sacrifice. Life still happens but learning coping mechanisms makes it less painful. Thank you again for shedding light on my story.

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