Contributor Writer’s for The Bipolar Writer Blog

I have been genuinely overwhelmed by the mental health community this month in the right way. The outpour of people willing to share a piece of their own writing that talks about mental illness on their own blog is one thing, but to allow someone like me into their lives and share pieces of their wisdom is another thing.

Mental Health Awareness month is about raising awareness about mental illness and what it means to live this life. It is never easy to share our mental health experiences. It took a lot to get to the point where I could share my most inner thoughts about my illness.

That takes me to contributor writers. It is not the first time I have offered this for The Bipolar Writer blog. So far, the people that have been a part of my blog beyond being guest writers have been a fantastic experience. What is a contributor writer? This is how it is described on WordPress.

Contributor – has no publishing or uploading capability, but can write and edit their own posts until they are published.

What this means is I add you as a blogger that has limited access to my blog. You write the posts, and you choose pictures from the library connected to my blog. I publish the pieces. As long as you keep the blog posts about mental illness topics, it is a natural process. The blog posts are your own connection to your blog. The comments go to you, not to me.

If you want to be a part of my blog, please email me at

Space is limited as I only take on a certain amount of contributor writers. A moved out some contributors that no longer contribute which has made more room.


P.S. If you can please contribute to blog. All earned money goes to publishing my memoir. I will update the latest on my memoir later this week.

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15 thoughts on “Contributor Writer’s for The Bipolar Writer Blog

  1. I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to guest post on your blog recently! I would love to contribute more in the future, if you’d have me haha, but think I’m a little too busy at the moment. I enjoy reading the posts others write for your blog though, it’s nice seeing so many perspectives in one place!

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  2. Keep writing– through mud and hugs, bugbites or cake. Your transparency is lifting me and many others. I’ve got a bipolar wound or five, I too walk the pogo stick journey. Keep writing!


  3. I have written for The Bipolar Writer in the past. I have taken a break from my own blog while dealing with many situations in life. I’m still willing to write. If you’re still willing to have me. I think I’m still listed.


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