Prayer for Mary by Terry Fisher

This is another ode in the ongoing series from Inside and Out by Terry Fisher— a local writer I have been working with since January. This is connected to the last ode that I posted which you can find here. Odes from Inside & Out by Terry Fisher

Prayer for Mary by Terry Fisher

Mary’s going through something hard—
Looks like she drew a crummy card.
Why did God do this to her?
She didn’t deserve it, that’s for sure.

If He’s good, why does He do bad?
This from our spiritual Dad.
Now Mary has to hurt and suffer,
But it will make her much tougher.

Maybe that’s what God had in mind—
Maybe He’s really not unkind.
Through it all she will be stronger;
She won’t be sad any longer.

Things will be in perspective—
Life not blurred with invective.
She will rise above this all—
She will stand up straight and tall.

But, for now, it will be yucky,
‘Cause now she’s not very lucky.
But ‘bout the pain she doesn’t care—
She only fears losing her hair.

Mary, come on, you are so silly—
Now’s the time to go willy nilly.
God will be there for the ride—
And us too— we’re on your side.

Show Mary how much you care;
Please share this— Mary’s Prayer.




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