Reflecting on my Big Freelance Project

I am nearing the end of my first big freelance project of 2018. It was a transcribing and formatting job for a local writer, Terry Fisher, for her upcoming book of odes titled “Inside and Out.”

It’s been a great learning experience in how the self-publishing route works. I seem to be moving towards the inevitable direction for self-publishing my own memoir.

It was great to work with the local author on a long-term project versus my shorter freelance projects because I really got to know the author. See into the mind of another writer who is a lot like me.

You see, if you read the Ode to Depression that I posted last week, you see the long-term effects of how depression can have on someone. I know I worry a lot about what the future holds for someone like me and it was great to see another artist achieving her goals in a big way.

I also learned that you can really reflect your own life within your writing. The process can be an arduous one, but I never one say Terry give up even as things went wrong. I saw real power and determination even when there are no guarantees in this life.

My local fellow author Terry Fisher is really writing her book for herself. I can respect that in every way possible. It takes great strength to put your work out there not knowing what will become of it. Even if she is writing for herself, from what I have seen doing the transcription work for her book, the book has real potential.

So I wanted to say here on my blog Thank you, Terry. It has been an amazing journey. I know we have a few minor things to do but we are at the finish line.

I am, as always looking for freelance work. If you have a job let me know. I have been doing content writing a lot yesterday and I could write blog posts for your blog.

J.E. Skye

7 thoughts on “Reflecting on my Big Freelance Project

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