Ode to Sammie

This is another ode from Terry Fisher’s upcoming book Inside and Out. I will be posting several of these odes before publication and then a link. You can find the entire project here.

Inside and Out

Ode to Sammie by Terry Fisher

What can I say about Sammie?
He was always part of my family.
Even though there’s years between us,
He came back without a fuss.

Just like he was before—
The man I used to adore.
What do I remember about him?
Always late but never dim.

With a soft voice he talked,
And lumbered when he walked.
Slow and steady, that’s my Sammie,
But for sure no namby pamby.

Doing dishes, that of course—
But so much more I endorse.
Made Chinese salad, yes you see.
Always doing stuff for me.

Got the chicken from ole Ross.
Now he’s gone— what a loss.
Chewing on his toothpick—
I guess he got very sick.

Sammie made sure I did know
When he passed away though.
Sammie knew about a flying knife—
Not to catch it or risk his life.

Songs he wrote that were so cool.
Sammie ain’t nobody’s fool.
Making up phrases for me—
Like the one “body company.”

Crass, not him, he never was.
No reason why, just because.
Playing the guitar.
He could’ve gone far.

Till a bottle found his eye,
And no one but God knows why.
Then God made it worse with a stroke.
Now, God that’s not fair; a shitty joke.

Oh for sure I do remember how Sammie walks and talks.
But mostly I remember a big black guy with dreadlocks.


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