Weekly Wrap-up 2/18 – 2/24

I love these weekly wrap-up’s because they are a good way to end my week. I will keep short this week because I am in the midst of finals. I have a quick turnaround between semesters so I am trying to finish by mid-week and then take the rest of the week off. I am close to finishing my freelance project which has been a great experience.

So this week I will list the blog posts with limited descriptions.

Publishing my Memoir

This post is just an update on my memoir. I am almost done putting the chapters together and I am narrowing down my self-publishing postings. I talk about a donation button I am adding to my blog. I am always working towards the money to self-publish.

Looking Towards the Future

In this blog post, I talk about the future. The future of my social anxiety, The Bipolar Writer blog, and my memoir. I figured this update would be good.

Life is Like a Cigarette

This blog post is by contributor writer Alan Wolfgang who talks about life and his addiction to cigarettes. In this blog post, he talks about connections to cigarettes and mental illness.

My Favorite (Bad) Coping Mechanism

This blog article was written by contributor blogger Chelsea Owens who explores her favorite (bad) coping mechanism in her life.

What Makes The Bipolar Writer Happy?

I have been dealing with some things lately related to my social anxiety that has made me feel that I could never be happy. I explore this topic in this blog post.

When your mental illness is shared without your permission

This blog post is from contributor blogger blogpostsfromthedge. In it, the author explores her experiences of when your mental illness is shared without your permission. It’s an important topic that needs to be discussed. This is a great article.

Adventures in Therapy

This blog article is from contributor blogger Perpetually Eliza, where she shares her adventures in therapy.

Ode to Depression

This blog post is an ode written by my freelance project author Terry Fisher. It’s a great one and an ode that is relatable to the people that suffer from depression in the mental illness community. It gives insight into depression.

My Sexual Abuse Story and How I Forgave My Abuser

I rebooted this from a blog ran by Joy Daehn called https://happy-thinks.com. I was truly inspired this week by this author and her story of sexual abuse. I asked the author if I could share this story on my blog and she said yes. It is a great piece.

Inside and Out

“Inside and Out” is the title of the freelance project I am working on from the author Terry Fisher. This page will be dedicated to all the odes that I share on my blog.

My Latest Adventure in Social Anxiety

In this blog post, I talk about my week in social anxiety. I am working to see what works and what are the triggers of my social anxiety. I am working on leaving my house when I can for a few hours a day that I can. This article talks about my week.

Why you always lying

This blog post is from contributor writer blogpostsfromthedge where the author discusses lying in a mental health world.

My Insomniac Life

In this blog post, I talk about Insomnia. This is the chapter from the memoir that I share when I discuss how my sleep has always been a problem in my life, and that sleep is so important to mental health.

12:15 am

This poem is a panic attack and anxiety poem I wrote. It is one of my favorite pieces.

Mental Illness Takes No Prisoners

This blog post was written by contributor blogger Alan Wolfgang about mental illness and how it can be controlling in our lives.

Social Anxiety – A Day in a Life

This is an article about anxiety/social anxiety/generalized anxiety. I wrote it to break down what is it like living with anxiety in a day.

James Edgar Skye

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