What it Has Meant to me to Expand The Bipolar Writer

When I started The Bipolar Writer blog it was to share my experiences with my diagnosis. I have written so many articles on suicide, Bipolar depression, social anxiety, and anything related to my mental illness. It’s been a crazy the ride that I have been on for the past almost six months now.

Every month I seem to find new ways to change the complexity of my blog. I wanted to tell my story first, and for the most part, I have done that so far on my blog. I continue to share my experiences as they unfold each day and every week. I am always amazed by the responses that I get each day.

It has been amazing the level of confidence people have in my writing. I have told so many stories in the mental illness community. I will continue to do so with my feature interview articles. I got the idea after writing an article for a journalism class on one of my closest friends. In another journalism class, I wrote another article about my mom. That is how the interview features on The Bipolar Writer was born.

I didn’t know what the response would be that first time I offered to write the stories of others. It was another opportunity to grow my brand. At the same time, it helps me to share the stories of others as we as a community work to fight the stigmas surrounding mental illnesses. It’s grown to amazing heights to point where I am actually falling behind because of volume.

I do my best to write at least one feature article a week. The goal was to write two a week, but my schedule keeps me so busy as I work towards other goals outside of this blog. Still, I am amazed that people still find time to read my blog.

I had a set of goals to start this year. If I reached these goals I would do certain things. One of those goals was to add contributor writers when I reached 3,000 blogger followers. Those that have been following my blog have seen the results of my fellow mental health bloggers adding their voice to The Bipolar Writer blog.

*Just a note, I just reached 200 blog posts.


I do my best to let each of the contributor writers I have added over the last couple of weeks let their content be theirs. I make minor grammar changes or add pictures but the content of my contributor writers is all their own. It was the next logical step for this blog.

So where to go from here? I don’t know. I am looking for someone willing to be an author or even an administrator for my blog. I am away away from this because I don’t trust easy, but it would mean less time having to always produce content. I have worked so hard to make this blog become a hub for the voices of the mental illness community. I am all for the aesthetic feel of my blog so I would have to find someone who understands how I prefer to set things up.

It means the world to me to see my blog grow even more than it has these past six months. I have tried to blog twice in my life, and it was never this successful. I have written an article about what I have found success in growing my blog, you can find it here.

Every comment and likes that my blog gets each day makes me glow with pride. I have been able to share peoples stories and at the same time allow authors a place to share their ideas with the community I have grown here. I will continue to grow my community and make it a safe place to write and share your voice. It amazes me every day and I can’t imagine waking up wondering what is next for The Bipolar Writer.

Thank you for every follow, for every comment, and every like. This has been the best journey I could have asked for in creating this content.

I am always looking for the next stage of The Bipolar Writer blog. If you have a suggestion let me know!

James Edgar Skye

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoJonatan Pie

16 thoughts on “What it Has Meant to me to Expand The Bipolar Writer

  1. Your blog is one of the best thus far regarding mental illness. I think you were probably the first one I started to follow in reference to bipolar because at that time I was trying to understand it myself. I am so grateful to have been following you over the course of a year now. Good luck with advancing your blog. You’ll do it!!! 🙂

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  2. This post makes me proud because you are acknowledging your limits and accepting that only so much can be done. This shows huge growth on your behalf. I completely understand being picky and specific with the dialogue and appearance of your blog because I am that way as well. I have watched from afar your blog’s growth and I am honored to be a follower and to have my story shared. Keep setting boundaries and smashing goals!!! You really have done well.

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  3. I’m astonished at how popular your blog has become in only six months. It took me five years of blogging (on my old blog) and two featured posts to amass the kind of following you have. I love that you’ve allowed contributors to the blog, as it allows for more exposure for both you and them, and allows the blog’s audience to grow even more through regular, consistent posts. Be wary of allowing someone else to become an administrator, though – they would have the power to subsequently remove you from your own blog.

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