Day 16: My Motivation of 2018 – So Far

My Motivation of 2018

It’s been a great start to my year. I am working towards small and big goals. Each day I get a chance to check off things on my list when things get done. It makes me feel good. It’s the little things in life.

My first week of school was good. It got through some early worries and though statistics can be overwhelming at times, it’s a learning process. But its something I can continue to work on. t’s only one math class I have to take for my degree, might as well soak up as much as I can. My literature class is great. I get to read short stories of amazing authors and write about it? That is the best thing a writer can do.

Last year was a tough time for me, my anxiety was out of control and I would end up in the hospital by early February. I thought for while last month that I was heading down that path again, but I have gotten back on track.

It’s the right combination of staying busy and the right dosage of Ativan each day.

I am looking toward the future, even as I continue to write my memoir. Every day is another opportunity for me to continue to work on my social anxiety and my mental health. My blog posts help me keep busy. It’s a place where I can write my thoughts. Each day I get a better understand the intricate nature of my social anxiety.


My motivations are my big goals. Finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in a few months, and starting my Masters are the biggest goals. My school work takes up a good part of my day, but scheduling my work has made me efficient. Finishing my memoir and selling my screenplay are other top goals at this moment.

 I am learning patience in all things out of my control. I am waiting for the results of the screenplay competition I entered in December. (I get the results next month.) I am waiting for an agency to pick me up, and I make sure to send out query letters each day. It’s a daily grind but considering that I am writing more each day, my struggles of 2017 seem worth it. I found myself at the end of last year, and never looked back.

My smaller goals are making my blog reach one person a day. That’s it. Share my experiences with Bipolar and help fellow bloggers grow in their own writing. I am always moving forward every day. Trying to stay afloat in this world. It’s pure focus and keeping my state of mind in the right place that keeps me motivated. I am smiling more because I am happy.

I have projects on the horizon. Freelance work. It’s going to be an expensive year, I can tell already. So I fill my day. I write new chapters in my memoir each day. I edit and proofread during the week. I make everyday count and give my self a break when things are overwhelming.

The greatest motivation is staying the course and keeping my faith. Everything I have learned in the past year has made me a stronger person. I am in such a good place. I feel good. I know I will have days where things might seem out of control. Anxiety can be hard and anything in my life can trigger a depression cycle.


When that happens I can write about it and move on. Its great to be on track every day. To have the motivation to leave the comfort of my bed and start a small journey every day. It serves the larger journey well.

What are some of your own motivations this year?

Always Keep Fighting.

J.E. Skye

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28 thoughts on “Day 16: My Motivation of 2018 – So Far

  1. Great start to the new year for you! My only goal right now is to start eating healthy and start exercising again. I have 30 pounds to lose, for me, not for anything in particular. That’s what makes it difficult. You have a lot of hard work ahead of you, and you are well on your way!

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  2. I’m always interested in graduate degrees for writers. Do you want to become a lit professor?

    The right balance is always the best thing when it can be had. Today was not a balanced day for me but it’s evening out as the day has gone on.

    My dear friend Rodney would always tell me to keep up the good fight or keep on keeping on or keep the faith. It’s how he signed off all his letters to me, all of his emails, even a phone call or two. He was a beautiful writer that I had hoped to see a book come from his beauty with words.

    So I tell you, writer, keep the faith. Keep on keeping on. Keep up the good fight.

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  3. I am glad you’re smiling more and that you’re happy. Sounds like you’re creating your own reality and that’s fantastic.

    This year, I am motivated to become comfortable speaking to large audiences (overcoming another fear). I used to fear blogging…it used to be so intimidating for me and now I’m doing it weekly. Thank you for taking the time to read and like my blogs. That means the world to me.

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  4. I’m working on not pretending everything is ok when it’s not. Putting up that facade is what drove me to my lowest point, and I do not want to be back there again. It is ok to not have everything under control at every moment of the day.
    Love your work and I’m glad you keep sharing.

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  5. My only goal for the year has been to write more – I haven’t been doing as good of a job as I’d like, but thanks to posts like these and writers like you, I get a little more motivated. Thanks for sharing so candidly 🙂

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  7. My motivation this year is to go further than I went last year.. and last year I did a lot. I want to always feel like I’m growing or challenging myself and if I don’t feel scared or excited, then it’s time to move on. I’ve spent so much of my life taking it easy due to depression, It’s getting better by planning to do things and actually accomplishing it, so I want to continue. I think that’s the way to gain confidence which is something that I lacked. I liked your post a lot. And by the way, I took statistics in my final semester in the fall. I saved the best for last lol. Good luck

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