My Thoughts on a New Semester

This is a blog post about my life.

I am looking to work on my mental health this month. I am trying to lessen the amount of stress in my life, and right in the middle of what’s going to be a rough semester.

It’s always hard to start yet another semester on this journey to get my degree. It’s crazy the amount of work I will have over the next eight weeks. I will always have my doubts until I find myself at some point in the semester.

I am going to stress its a given, but I have to find balance this time around. I have a ton of reading and work in each of my classes. it could mean working at the school for eight hours. I am also near the first draft of my memoir and every day I want to edit at least one chapter a day. I would love to write 3-4 new chapters a week. It means fitting in writing when I can including blogging.


The key this semester will be finding the right balance in my life when it comes to school work, writing my memoir, and blogging. I don’t want to let any of these things go because they are all important things.

If you want something bad enough, you have to find the balance in your life. So this week will be a measuring stick to see if I understand where I am with all three aspects of my life.

The other part of is I wanted to read more and try to read a book a week. So far I got through half long book in the last week. Its Stephen Kings IT, and I figure if I finish it this week then I realize that’s book a week right now might be impossible. A book every two weeks could be more manageable.


I knew right away on Sunday that I would struggle a bit to jumpstart my statistics class. Once I got back to it, I remembered my past math classes. As an English major, I only have to take one math class for my degree. I have been good at math in the past, but it’s not for me anymore. Its good my teacher does a good job prepping us for each quiz with amazing breakdowns.

My other class this semester will be easy, its a basic literature class. I have taken so many high-level literature classes that a LIT 100 class should be a class I will enjoy. My last literature class was an American literature class which was fun. Being that this a basic literature class I am sure the assignments will be easy to get through.

It felt so great two days ago to say I am so close the end of my bachelor’s degree journey. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. If I can find the right groove that gets me to the end of this semester, well it will be worth it.

That’s where I am at. Back on the grind. School. Blogging. And memoir writing will be my life over the next eight weeks. I am sure it will go fast, it always does.

J.E. Skye

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18 thoughts on “My Thoughts on a New Semester

  1. All the best with the new semester. The balancing act is the hardest but it can be done. I find having a schedule helps me some including scheduling time to look after myself as well.

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  2. I have been teaching high school full time while taking classes for a Master’s in Literature, while drafting a novel. It takes forever to find the balance, but once you find it, everything clicks and you feel so powerful in what you can accomplish.

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    • Its been a tough two days but I am finding ways to still be effective. So I feel good. I am thinking about the my next degree because I might want to teach in the future. But I have to finish my bachelors degree first


    • I work out an extensive schedule. Little free time. Most just sleep. But I give myself one day a week where I do nothing but work on my mental health. I usually go from one to another. But balance is the key to anything good.


  3. Good luck on the balance, but maybe lower expectations on the reading front. If you’re judging being able to read a book a week with a book that’s way over 1,000 pages, maybe pick a shorter book next week and re-evaluate 😉

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