What I have Learned from Blogging

Its been over four months since The Bipolar Writer went live. I have learned so much and I wanted to impart my wisdom. I am by no means an expert in blogging, but I have done a lot four months. I have reached the end of the year goal of 2,000 followers towards the end of December, and its been climbing ever since. My blog is one that is a shared experience, how to guide, and things I think are relative to my blog’s theme.

It has also been a great place to share the stories of others. My latest Interview Feature is of White Fox, its a great read.

I have been asked a few times by email what has worked for my blog, and I usually just reply to the email. I thought it would be good to write about it in a blog post.

So I thought why not share my experience in blogging over the past few months. Maybe there is something that you will learn that will be helpful on your own blog.

1. I have learned first and foremost to be myself. I write each blog post about my experiences by letting the reader into my life. I write about my experiences surrounding my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. I am sharing my triumphs and losses. Always be honest and people will keep coming back to your blog.


2. Getting an actual domain name is very helpful. I have gotten many followers because I have a domain name. If you are serious about blogging then you can find the $99 price tag for a domain name and the premium themes that come with it. It was the best thing I did.

3. Use free photo sites like unsplash.com to add color to your post. In my opinion, adding photos will help your post feel more like a home to the reader. Also, it’s important to note to always give credit for the photos you use. The website I talked about gives you all you need to do just that in your blog post.

4. You can add Grammarly to your web browser so that you edit your post on WordPress. It’s a great tool to have because even when you think you have edited at your best, you can still miss things. You can go with their premium service but it’s not necessary.

5. In my experience, the Hemingway App is a great tool for writing blog posts. It’s not the greatest of proofreading tools but it tells you when you are using passive voice which is important to writing good quality posts. It also allows you to post straight from the app to WordPress. I paid the $19.99 price tag because it’s a useful tool. I never used the actual free version (if there is one I don’t remember.)

6. As a writer, I like to have as many tools at my disposal when writing. One app that has been amazing for me when I want to free write a blog post is Ulysses. For me when I just need to write its the best place. It also connects to your iCloud so what you have on this app is functional on your computer, your phone, and iPad. It’s my best functional app. I can write a post on my phone and it will automatically be on my computer. It’s great for taking notes when you are out and have an idea.


7. Try your best to answer all comments. Its the connection to your readers that will get them to come back to your blog. The stronger the connection the more they will feel at home on your blog.

8. This also goes the other way. You should take time to read the blogs of others. I admit I don’t do this as much I would like, but the better connections you make, the more people will come back to your blog.

9. Make your blog post and blog reader friendly. My first two attempts at writing a blog my posts felt too much like WebMD. It was too technical and not really my goal. Share your experience your way. That is all that matters.

10. Set aside time to go to the Reader in WordPress and find blogs that you find interesting. Follow them. Leave a comment. Become a part of the what ever community you are blogging about. When you become a part of something your blog has purpose.

This is all I could come up with in my own experiences. Always be yourself and your fellow bloggers will come to love your blog. It takes time and dedication, but I know you can do it!


J.E. Skye

Photo Credit:


unsplash-logoBen Kolde

unsplash-logoAndrew Neel

unsplash-logoCourtney Hedger

55 thoughts on “What I have Learned from Blogging

  1. Great advice! Thanks for posting! I’ve been wanting to become a serious blogger. Unfortunately right now I can’t afford the $99 for the domain name but hopefully soon I can do it. Being unemployed sucks, lol

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    • It is very important to focus on your writing for you first. My first two attempts at writing a blog were disastrous because I thought I had to write for the followers. My posts were generic and not real. I made the decision this time to just write and let my blog grow out of the results.

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  2. Very helpful tips! I always write for me, but my biggest challenge I think is making some of my posts more family friendly. I am a bit of a curser, blame my dad. It is apart of who I am though, proud or not. So I try to refrain as much as I can, not because I think children read my post and even if they do I am a believer that is a parent’s responsibility to supervise their kid’s online time. I try to watch what I say and only use certain statements when I feel it is necessary for those who think certain attitudes and words are unattractive. But I can get my rage on sometimes and it is my most guilty habit. Other than that I do write for myself always and I hope it comes across in my writing. 🙂

    I would like to get my own domain name in the future, but right now the hubby and I are a bit tight on cash, so tight we have none to spare. Even though I have been blogging for a year this month, I still want to see if my blogging will become more serious. It is still kind of a hobby and not my main focus in life because life is still crazy. I love writing though and when the time is right I will take it more seriously and hope to make some career in the writing field. I also want to take classes in writing when I can, I don’t know about full-blown degrees, but I think taking even just a few courses online could further my writing. I always love to learn more and try new things when it comes to the writing field.

    I recently downloaded the free version of Grammarly, and in the future may purchase the premium edition. I am excited to try the other blogging tools you mentioned in this post, especially the free ones. As a person who is tight on funds, I love the word free and helps you write in the same sentence. 🙂

    I have tried and use other blogging tools myself and am planning sometime in the near future to dedicate a blog post to share some blogging tools. Will probably be more free apps though as for now that is all I can review. Will help new bloggers though at least etc.

    Thanks again for the tips and sharing this post.

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    • Every good thing comes with time. Grammarly is good at times. It’s not really necessary to get the promising service. It’s never good to rely too much on a program for proofreading.

      I wish you luck as you look towards making your blog grow. When the writing becomes serious I am sure you will find a way. It always works out when you need it most.

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      • This is true, patience and time. 🙂 Good to know, and you’re right. Maybe I won’t waste the money on the premium version of grammarly.

        Thank you for the good wishes! I hope you continue to grow your blog, it becomes or develops into everything you want and you achieve your writing goals. 🙂

        Take care. Thank you for the follow btw, I have enjoyed reading your posts thus far.

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  4. Nice! You made some really good points that I completely agree with. One thing I’ve learned from blogging is that I never stop learning. There’s always something I want to get better at. Congrats on achieving so much in such short time! x x

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  5. Love this post. So helpful to me. I am definitely going to try one of the mentioned tools. I already downloaded Grammarly and wow I had no idea! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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