Music that Changes my Mood Part Five

Welcome to part five of “Music that Changes my Mood.”

This is the first edition of the New Year, and I am really looking forward to sharing more music that changes my mood when depression is taking me over. It has been amazing to share my favorites on my music playlist. Music is always a part of my life because lyrics mean everything to me.

Crystalyne – Secret

You can’t find a bad Crystalyne song and Secret has been an obsession of mine over the last couple of days. This song’s lyrics are so powerful. I think we all are looking for someone that you are willing to keep their secrets. This is a great song to just rock out to.

Altered Skye – Where I Belong

Aren’t we trying to find where we belong when lost in the endless depression. Another good song with amazing lyrics.

Courage My Love – Cold Blooded

We Are the In Crowd – Both Sides of the Story

Paramore – Fake Happy

This song is the most relatable of how I feel sometimes when I am out in the real world. Sometimes you just have to be fake happy to survive.

We Are the In Crowd – Kiss Me Again

Crystalyne – Let’s Do Something Crazy

Meg and Dia – Roses

Well, that is another edition of “Music That Changes my Mood.” Check out the other parts here:

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J.E. Skye

Photo Credit:

unsplash-logoSteven Wang

6 thoughts on “Music that Changes my Mood Part Five

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to try and listen and see how I relate to the songs. I do have my own playlist for when I am depressed (which, unfortunately, pulls me deeper into it) as well as the ones that make it better (however slightly).

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