Switching to Tea

Well, it is official. I am kicking off switching to tea over coffee. I talked with my stomach doctor and she agreed with me that coffee is not working. Yesterday I couldn’t resist and I ended up with my stomach hurting for hours. I am still looking for alternatives to keep me from making my ulcers worse. These issues with my stomach are one of the things I have to work on this year.

Today I went to the store to stock up on the best teas that I could find. I found teas for pretty much every situation, which is cool because if I am going to give up coffee I have to find an alternative. I am a huge coffee addict and it will be a tough adjustment but I think it will be worth it.


With that said I would love to have some recommendations for the future. What kind of teas do my fellow bloggers recommend? I think I will be drinking a lot of tea in the future.

J.E. Skye

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87 thoughts on “Switching to Tea

  1. I’m a huge tea fan! I love chai, but some of my other favorites are earl grey, green tea, and passion tea. Tazo makes a great passion tea that I drink over ice; I’m kind of obsessed with it at the moment.

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  2. Just want to say… I am so sorry you have to do this. I am a HUGE coffee addict and can’t imagine getting through a day without it. It’s terrible for my stomach and my anxiety, but, as I tell myself, at least I’m not addicted to crack, right?

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  3. I’m not a tea drinker. I just can’t get past the taste! But my mom adores this one by Celestial called Mandarin Orange. They’re K-cups. That and Winter Spice.
    I hope the switch to tea goes great for you!

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  4. Good luck! I need to do the same for my ulcers.. and lay off the hot sauce. But, coffee is more than caffeine to me, it often aids in my comfort. I know it may sound strange, I think it’s just the familiarity of it. Let me know if you find a tea you begin more drawn to over coffee 🙂

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  5. I hear you – I have gastritis – and am on medication to help maintain/rebuild my stomach lining. I used to love tea but I’ve found recently it makes me feel a bit sick – camomile is supposed to be excellent for your stomach – and is about the only tea that I can actually drink now. Steer clear of anything citrus based (all that acid!)

    Good luck 🙂

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  6. There was a beautiful blend called Yogi Tea that I used to drink while living in the UK that had lots of lovely spices in it. I sometimes add a spice mix to just plain tea to make it into a softer kind of Chai as some of the commercial ones feel a bit highly scented or synthetic. I am sure other bloggers have better recommendations.

    I am sorry you have to give the coffee up. Its one of my few guilty pleasures. I think you are great for doing it though.

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  7. I’ve never been interested in tea until I found several that have helped me get rid of my sickness. Now I’m in love with them. I’ve yet to give up my coffee completely, but have added tea into my daily routine.

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  8. Hey! So I’m not sure what your diet looks like, BUT I felt like I had to share this… For me, what really helped (apart from cutting coffee), was cutting out all and any meats (red, chicken, fish) and dairy… I pretty much went plantbased, I ate eggs for a while but then cut that out too. I stopped having any issues with my stomach and acid etc, and no more problems with digestion either… I tried chicken after 2 weeks and I instantly regret it, same with dairy ice cream… You should try it and see how it is! … Apart from that, I loooove tea. And black teas such as ceylon, earl grey and english breakfast are great, especially sweetened with a splash of mylk. I really enjoy yogi’s green tea super antioxidant – it’s not too expensive. And jasmine green tea is yummy too, very aromatic. And my all time favorite tea has to be Cool Mint tea! Idk where you’re located, but you can get it here: https://www.capitalteas.com/Cool-Mint-p/2094.htm Either way the image shows how the tea should look if you need to find it somewhere. It has licorice root in it, which hits you as an aftertaste, as well as apple – so it’s naturally sweet. Been drinking it for years!

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  9. I was a coffee-holic too. I switched to tea at the end of last summer and was surprised at how easy it was for me to switch. With me, I think I just crave caffeine, which, of course, tea has too. Tea isn’t as full-bodied as coffee but I think I like the caffeine in tea better than what is in coffee.

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  10. I am a heavy tea drinker, however just regular red rose or tetley. The herbal teas are much better for you and apparantly camomile tea is calming one and might help you sleep. You might want tor esearch that statement though as I am not an expert. Lipton makes inexpensive herbal teas.

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  11. I am lucky to have a shop in my town that has a lot of teas to choose from. I recommend finding a place nearby that does. You can usually do a taste test to see what you might like. As far as pre-produced I am personally addicted to Tazo’s Zen blend. It is a green tea and mint – which is a favorite type for me. It helps settle my stomach when I am feeling queasy and it is lovely with honey. Vlack teas are great for the caffiene boost for sure and I like to add milk or cream. Chais are just deliscious and I add milk to them as well.

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  12. Hey! I’m a new tea drinker after converting from coffee too!
    I just like the taste a bit more and I feel healthier drinking tea anyways, haha.

    I’ve only been drinking teabags since there aren’t really any tea shops in my country, but I’ve found two websites which have an amazing selection, adagiotea and organicherbie seem promising. I can’t really afford them right now but I wish I could, loose leaf tea is the real deal when it comes to tea.

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  13. I drink too love it 💕 I can’t drink coffee because of the cafeine my anxiety will be bad and I get my heart racing fast. I like the brand yogi tea which comes with a quote full of wisdom 🌠💫❤ Enjoy your tea!

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  14. I stopped drinking coffee also a few years ago because it made me feel horrible, but I still love the taste. Not sure if you’ll be able to drink it without problems but I recently found this tea: https://bluebirdteaco.com/uk_en/coffee-pu-erh.html. The whole coffee beans give the tea a lovely coffee taste but according to the lady at the store doesn’t release any caffeine from the bean as it’s not ground. Hope you find lots of tea you love!

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  15. I have IBS and my biggest issue with coffee was not drinking enough water with it. One cup of coffee needs one glass of water to keep it from giving me horrible stomach aches. I am also, as you will notice from my blog, a huge advocate of herbs & tea! For the digestive system peppermint, lemon balm, calendula, ginger (which is in most green and black chai blends and my favorites!), and fennel are all really beneficial. Herbs can really help with anxiety, stress, and ease the nerves(American Skullcap). Enjoy🍵

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  16. All the yogi teas are pretty good. Good Earth is also a good one, their cinnamon tea is fantastic. You can get it caffeinated or decaf. The Celestial brand also has a lot of great flavors that come out at different times of the year. Happy tea time!

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  17. We have great quality loose leaf tea at teasnewjersey.com. We select our very carefully and are thorough in the information we provide so that you can make informed tea buying decisions. For stomach health we recommend matcha, green teas, and Puerh! Puerh is ages, fermented tea. This tea is typically coffee black. However, the stomach and digestive benefits of this tea are unparalleled. This tea has the nutrition benefits all tea has and even more because of the bacterial cultures that manifest through the fermentation process. Check out our Puerh a at teasnewjersey.com and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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  18. I recently did this myself! I always knew coffee and me didn’t quite agree, but I loved it oh so much. However, it was finally time to cut it out. I found myself drinking black and green teas primarily (still trying to get my caffeine fix I guess) But I have shifted to more herbal now. Either way, you have endless tea options! I also really like tea lattes if you haven’t given them a try yet.

    *Try a floral green tea mixed with steamed coconut mylk and a lavender flavor 🙂

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  19. *PS also for stomach problems, Trader Joes has a fantastic ginger turmeric tea, try adding a little honey if you prefer things on the sweeter side. The turmeric will do you wonders, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.

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  20. Hey James! You should try red tea! It’s delicious and detoxifying. I just wrote a blog on the benefits, and different ways to drink this tea. Please check it out and comment with your thoughts! 😊

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  21. I’m having the opposite problem with my tummy right now. It seems Tea makes my digestive issues worse, whereas coffee makes me feel better! Bizarre.

    As for teas, my favorites are usually sold by Palais de Thes out of France. I particularly love the Butterfly of Taiwan that they sell! But if you’re not really into loose leaf (which is their main option), then The Republic of Tea has some pretty decent bagged ones that I don’t mind 😀 Hopefully you find a few you really enjoy!


  22. As someone who has also struggled with digestive issues, I can definitely say that I’ve experienced the negative side effects of coffee. Instead of cutting it out completely, I’ve been trying to only have one cup a day and drink tea for the rest of it. I actually just wrote a blog post about my favorite teas; it’s a short read, and maybe you’ll find something on that that you like! 🙂

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