Giving up Coffee

Early Merry Christmas my fellow blogger followers. This might be my last post this week as I am closing out my finals, and taking a much needed time off from life.

I talked to my stomach doctor today. I don’t often write about my physical issues here on my blog because I chose to focus on my mental health issues and my writing.


At the beginning of the year, I was hospitalized with extremely bad bleeding ulcers. I lost pints of blood before they finally fixed me. I had to give up coffee while my ulcers healed. I went on the proper medicine and for some reason, I had to give up meat afterward. (I haven’t eaten meat since February.) For a while, during the summer my stomach felt better and for the most part, everything seemed better. But I am having issues once again with my stomach, the positive no bleeding in my stomach.

I think part of the reason my ulcers come up is that my stress is always worse during this time of year. I had, for a time, gave up coffee which helped my stomach heal. When I got the okay to drink coffee again it was amazing. Three months without coffee was hell.

It sounds like I will have to give up coffee again. With my stress and anxiety levels so high, the panic attacks, and of course the pressure I put on myself, my stomach over the last few weeks have felt like at it did in February. It is never good to have other health problems but that is life. Eventually I will get my health back under control, here is hoping to a great 2018.


Once I get my stress and anxiety back under control (with a much-needed vacation) hopefully in a few months I can drink coffee again. It’s going to be a long process before my stomach feels better.

Always Keep Fighting.

J.E. Skye

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38 thoughts on “Giving up Coffee

  1. Gosh, coffee is a habit so many people have. It’s funny as you drive by the coffee shops, the cars are lined up at the drive thru, meanwhile other businesses are going ba krupt lol! Not really funny I guess but, someone was brilliant when they invented the coffee shop thing.

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  2. Going without coffee is tough! It’s something I’ve had to do for health in the past, but I’m back to it now. You’ll get back to it too! In the meantime, tea and resting up will have to suffice. In terms of going to coffee shops, my partner had to give up coffee earlier this year (permanently!). He found it helpful to find a go-to alternate drink (his is chai latte) that he orders instead so he doesn’t miss out at cafes.

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  3. I am a dedicated coffee drinker but only in the morning. In the afternoon I drink hot herbal tea with milk and it is as much of a treat as the coffee….good luck! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Happy Holidays!


  4. Do you find James that coffee worsens your anxiety? I LOVE coffee so much – I don’t feel awake or alert without it, and withdrawal is just hell. But I know that this worsens my anxiety and has massively contributed to panic attacks and near-panic in the past. Think 2018 might be the year when I have to say goodbye to it… Does it have this effect on you? Aside from all of this, you have to do what’s right for your health.

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  5. Good luck on your finals! I can tell you from personal experience, issues in your gut control a lot of what is going on in your mind. It is a lot of what contributed to my depression in the past. I am a tea drinker and cannot do coffee – it gives me the shakes but I am sure there are other alternatives for you out there. Or maybe even healthy foods that give you the same feeling/benefit so you don’t feel like your missing anything? Give it a try! Merry Christmas love!

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  6. Coffee is a problem for me too. I drink a lot of it (like a pot a day). Coffee sort of replaced the alcohol and cigarettes over thirty years ago. I’ve now been clean and sober a long time, but I coffee is another matter. There is no question that I’m addicted to it. I’m also sure that it increasing my anxiety levels, at least something is. I’ve given it up several time, but I always return and when I do, it isn’t long before I’m drinking just as much as before. It’s really hard for me to give it up for several reasons: 1. I don’t like myself when there’s no coffee, it has no calories or artificial sweeteners, it’s warm and comforting, and it give me something to do with my hands. I really wish you success and I hope it helps. The time is coming when I’ll have to give it up as well.

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  8. I have given up coffee before, because I thought I was becoming addicted. But jow, because of my chronic migraine, it seems I have to have some caffeine daily. So I limit my consumption to 2 cups of not-too-strong coffee in the morning. At least it’s better than soda…

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  9. I commend you on giving up coffee. Me giving up on my two childhood guilty pleasures chocolate and coca cola is more harder and will take a very longtime….

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  11. Wow! This is an incredible story. It is sad but also you are on your way to recovery so that’s great! Giving coffee up is hard, are you ok to drink green tea? Not for health reasons, but I gave up all processed foods with added or hidden sugars in them. I did it for 5 days and documented the first 3 days on how why and what I did. Would love to see if that helps you in some way!:)

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