My Love for the Game of Baseball

I can’t believe its already December. We are just 31 days until 2018. I wanted to talk about a subject that is near and dear to me.

I love baseball.

Baseball is an amazing sport. You could be the best pitcher in the game, dominating at every aspect of throwing a baseball, and still give up four home runs in a game.

The spectacle that is baseball where every 90 feet is important. I love the game of baseball because it is pure. Anything can happen on a baseball field. A team can hit four home runs one night, and get shutout the next. Every player is important to the team.

For three hours every day in the spring, summer and into October, I get to enjoy a game I love to watch.

It’s amazing the ups and downs of a ​baseball season can teach you. Even if your team has one of the best records in baseball, it’s not for sure you will make the World Series. And if you do, anything can happen and you might lose. You can be the most successful baseball player on the planet, but if your team is not great, you still have to play every day. Baseball really is a team sport because you need all nine guys playing their position in the outfield.

My favorite stories are players no team wanted coming to your team and becoming a superstar.

On any given night, a baseball player can be the walk-off hero from the star player down to the guys on the bench. Watching baseball is one of the things that has helped me over the course of spring and summer months with my depression and anxiety. I still don’t understand how watching baseball makes me feel good. It relaxes me, even when my team is doing bad, it doesn’t cause me to get overly anxious. I get so lost in the game of baseball all summer.

For any of my followers that follow me on Twitter, be prepared to be overloaded with baseball tweets from March to October.

I doubt my love for America’s past time will ever go away, and for a good portion of my year baseball will always be there for me with another game for me to watch and to cheer for my favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Always Keep Fighting.

J.E. Skye

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6 thoughts on “My Love for the Game of Baseball

  1. I have enjoyed this post very much, and I can relate. When I was younger and my anxiety was completely out of control, or I should say in control of me, watching and following baseball and basketball in particular were essential parts of my life. Now, and I can still be a very anxious person at times, watching parts of old basketball games on YouTube helps calm me in a way I can’t yet explain in words. Go Dodgers.

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  3. I never got into sports, but I’ve been surrounded more by them at my job and through friends and the like. Aside from baseball really lol. It’s cool that you’ve found something that you can really get into and follow along (:

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  4. I’ve been playing ball for my whole life and this is so true. My favorite aspect of baseball is the fact that the pitcher has to throw it over the plate. Up or down by 1 or 100, the pitcher has to give the hitter something to hit. In other sports, opposing teams have the opportunity to run down the clock, but not in baseball. Each team has to get 27 outs one way or another.

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