For the Love of Coffee – Part Two

It is safe to say that I am a coffee addict, and I wanted to write my 50th blog post on a subject I love. I have written about my love for coffee before here on my blog.

I wanted this to be a lighter post since I have had some serious blog posts lately and the ones that I currently writing are the most serious ones so far on my journey in writing this blog. In this blog, I want to share my love for coffee, and how the holiday season is where my favorite limited edition coffee is released every year at Starbucks.

ed Okay, I admit it out loud that I am Starbucks addict, not just a coffee addict. I consider those things separate but fun addictions. I don’t drink Starbucks every day (just almost every day) and yes I know it’s the most overpriced coffee out there, but I can resist a good gingerbread latte while I am writing during the winter months. I can trace some of my best work to sitting at my favorite Starbucks sipping coffee and writing. 

When a gingerbread latte is too strong with cinnamon, I can easily change it up and drink my second favorite choice chestnut praline latte.

In the past, November’s have always been tough on me. There hasn’t always been a place for me in society during the winter months. But a coffee shop, even a high priced place like Starbucks I can blend into the scenery. I can sit around real people talking about how excited they are for the holiday season. This time of year can be hard for anyone, but the energy from the people in a coffee shop is so helpful to someone who is like me. I can feel for a time that I am a part of the outside world during a time where I feel most alone. Coffee for so long was, and is, how I made it through the world.

I am willing to pay a little bit extra for a good cup of coffee because at this time of year I spend more time in bed lost in depression, and it’s better to get out in the world when you feel down.

I find myself here right now at Starbucks surrounded by people who have no idea what I am dealing with, but that is okay. I have my headphones on listening to music and my hands are busy writing. But, for this moment I am a part of something, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. I am at peace in this moment and I can’t help but smile. I never smile much anymore. It is the little things.

J.E. Skye

Photo Credit: Takahiro Sakamoto

31 thoughts on “For the Love of Coffee – Part Two

  1. I love coffee WAY too much… I’m not a Starbucks fan though- I have TWO Wawa’s near my house, so I am always stopping there to-and-from school. There is a Starbucks on campus, so I do OCCASIONALLY hit that up when I’m desperate.

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  2. ‘chestnut praline latte’ – this sounds positively amazing. I love my coffee too. I find it to be almost ritualistic to have one every morning – I’m not the same without it.

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  3. Coffee=Awesomeness! Starbucks is my go to place. But you know what drink I have just discovered? The Strawberry Acai Refresher……I get that from time to time when I want something different. I still don’t know if I’m pronouncing “Acai” right but oh well. They know what I mean. 🙂

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  4. I really enjoyed this post. I drink a very strong mug of coffee to wake up, and then I have another one, even stronger, if that’s possible, in the afternoon when I start writing. I can’t separate coffee from my writing. They come together. Hope you’re enjoying your latte!

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  5. Hi James
    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Did you know that coffee has recently been found to mess with the metabolisim of lithium? It can also induce “mania”…in my opinion being manically happy is not a negative thing! So enjoy your coffee, but remeber how much you have had when you feel like your having an episode. I will write a post on the ntrients you need to replace when coffee is you addiction. I hope it helps
    Sending light xo

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  6. Coffee is a key essential to life, not to mention (even though it gets a bad rap for its level of caffine), it has a TON of benefits! Have you ever tried “DeathWish” coffee?! If not, you should! Strongest coffee in the world and the most addicting, the flavor is something you’ve never experienced! (Ps, get the java blend!)

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  7. Whenever I go to a coffee shop and buy some coffee it always leaves me feeling good and happy! Something about a hot mug of just tasty goodness does that for you. And the atmosphere! It’s so relaxing and just an overall good feeling. I do like Starbucks, but I like small town coffee shops better ☺️

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