Its the Little Things in Life

I have to learn to love the little things in life, like going for a walk on the beach. I never do that anymore.

This will be my last blog post this week as I am spending the rest of my weekend editing my screenplay again before I submit it for a few competitions. I am also going to find some time to watch football and read a good book. With that said here are just a few of the little things in life that I love in this crazy life I live.

My blog posts have been overly serious this week as I dive deeper into working on my memoir, The Bipolar Writer. I really love what I have shared so far here in my blog because it is a passion of mind to explore the many parts of the last ten years since my diagnosis. But sometimes my writing takes a lot out of me and I just want to write about things that make every day worth living.

One of the things I love in life, especially during the winter months when seasonal affective disorder (SAD) starts to take hold, is zip-up hoodies. I can remember wearing them as a teenager, with a beanie and the hood up before it became a “thing.”

As an adult, I still love to wear my hoodies this way because it became a part of me. If you ever see a guy with a hoodie and beard wearing a beanie in a corner table of a coffee shop with his headphones lost in his writing, it will probably me. Just so you know.

Music has helped me get through tough times in my life. Like today, I spent the day writing and listening to a wide range of music like the Hamilton soundtrack and one of my favorite artists Paramore. My playlists on iTunes music are endless, and it really depends on my mood or what I am writing. I don’t discriminate. I listen to almost every genre of music at some point in my life. I’ve listened to everything from hardcore rock to indie to classical. I even love Korean pop music (which has been an ongoing obsession for the last six years) or any pop music for that matter. I can’t classify myself as liking one type of music genre because if the lyrics get me in my feels, I am hooked.

It’s funny that one thing that has always been a constant in my life is my love for books. I only own about a million of them (okay nowhere near that but my collection is formidable.) One of the best things about being an English major is that I have taken about every literature class available and it has expanded what I read over the last few years.

I have my favorites of course like Rowling, Hemingway, and my all time favorite Edgar Allan Poe (the “E” J.E. Skye is in honor of one of the greatest writers I have ever read.) I have been reading since I was about three or four. My obsession with reading books came from easy access to books my whole life. I grew up (well middle school and high school) on The Harry Potter series, but I read so many amazing different authors in my life.

Within my book collection (which lately has included audiobooks) you will find every genre imaginable. My latest books that I am conquering are re-reading the Game of Thrones series and catching up on reading Stephen King. I am fan murder mysteries and I used to be able to say that I was a huge fan of James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels (though lately I have been turned off by his style, I am not sure it is even him writing anymore.) One of my favorite memories in life was going to the library and picking out books and just getting lost in the worlds that authors created. I could be anyone when reading a book. I could be the hero. Some of my deepest and darkest depressions that I got lost in the ugliness might have been worse without books.

I think my love for books is why I love to write. I am better when I am writing and it is my favorite way to communicate with people. This is why it is easier for me to discuss and explore my diagnosis on my blog rather than talking to my therapist.

One of my greatest loves, of course, is coffee. I am an addict and a better writer when I have coffee in my system. I am one of those people who you probably won’t want to talk to before having my coffee. When I had to give it up for a time this year I was insufferable to be around. I complained openly about having to give up coffee (because of my ulcers.) One of the happiest days this year was when my stomach doctor told me that I could drink coffee again.

The reason I wrote this particular blog post is that as I continue to share my life with the blog world, and I don’t want people to think that all I do all day is get lost in my writing and talk about what is wrong with me. I kinda lost sight recently on the good things in life. Like when I smile after listening to lyrics to a song that spoke to my heart. Or that moment when my favorite holiday drink comes out and that first taste of my gingerbread latte hit my system. I forgot how great it feels to have a hardcover book in my hands and getting lost in the pages. I forgot the feeling of going for a walk. I got caught up in the last few weeks trying to meet a deadline that I lost perspective on why I am writing.

I am a passionate person and sometimes I forget that the little things in life make life worth living. So tonight, after a long editing session, I will open one of my favorite books in the middle of the story and get lost again.

What are some of the things you love? It doesn’t have to do anything with your mental illness or diagnosis.

J.E. Skye

Photo Credit: Senor Sosa

32 thoughts on “Its the Little Things in Life

  1. Music, coffee, Stephen King, Harry Potter… We could be good friends I am sure! *laughs* Enjoy your weekend man! Thank you for sharing. Oh, I can’t imagine the time and dedication it would take to write a screenplay, amazing!

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  2. Appreciating the little things in life is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going when I slide into the dark pit of depression. I’m an amateur, but keen photo-taker (photographer would be putting it too grandly) and I’m always on a lookout for a good shot. It helps me to focus on the here and now and to pick out beauty and interest even in the otherwise ugly places. Other than that: books, lots and lots of books, football (as in soccer), good food (both eating and cooking), doing stuff with my hands (I knit, crochet, embroider etc, particularly in winter, there’s enormous pleasure to be had in handling colorful, soft fluffy wool). I love my writing too. But I think when I’m depressed, when my focus, attention and memory go iffy, it’s the tactile things that bring me the most immediate pleasure. Engaging the sometimes underappreciated senses of smell, taste or touch, and the sole act of creating something visible, sometimes beautiful, sometimes just plain tasty – it somehow breaks through the fog. And the process itself of focusing on the simple, and sometimes repetitive manual tasks, but ones that still require a certain amount of concentration, seems to give my mind some peace and space to mull things over somewhere in the background. I’m an overthinker, and a worrier, and an overall anxiety-ridden stresser. This helps me to stay calm and more clear-headed. I gather that your medium of expression is words, it mainly is for me too, and I’m not trying to convince you to take up knitting ;), but perhaps there is some little project you could try to start, that has little to do with writing, or reading, something more manual, but is pleasant to you anyway? Although you seem to find your little pleasures well enough 🙂 Good luck, keep fighting!

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    • Thank you for sharing you own little thing in life. I think sometimes we let depression or anxiety have too much control. We are all guilty. I wish I was artistic in a way that isn’t writing. The best thing I do with my hands is writing. But your right maybe a project outside of writing or reading. I can whittle. That’s an idea. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Thank you. I needed this. Today. The little things get lost so often. My little things: tea. And tea. Like you only it’s not coffe but tea. And books. And painting. And music. And a walk on the beach. And watching a magical movie like „the wonderful garden of Bella Brown „ with a beloved one. Thank you for reminding me. I wish you a magical time off.

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    • I didn’t even think about movies! I love a classical musical like My Fair Lady. Or my favorite movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It really is the little things in life that making living worth it. Thank you for sharing yours. I love tea, but I love coffee more. I drink tea during the winter months at night. The ones with little or no caffeine.

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  4. Thanks again for your post… after some plans fell through, plans which I was very much looking forward to, I immediately started feeling down. Ok, the plan was moved to tomorrow but in my mind it may as well be never, I’m very good at negative thinking unfortunately. Then a thought came to me, why can’t I just get some good news, I don’t always get bad news but seems I rarely get news that just delights me. With that being said I made my almost daily afternoon coffee, read some more of Stephen kings “everything’s eventual, then put in my headphones to lose myself in music. I noticed your new post and decided to check it out, glad I did. I’m there with you on coffee and music for sure. I really need to read more and I’ve been wanting to start writing more often as well. I’ll make it my goal to do that. Thank you for sharing, thank you for helping by knowing I’m not the only one who struggles daily with sometimes unbearable feelings.

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  5. Having somewhere to talk about the little things I love in life was the whole reason I started my blog. The last year was one of the toughest of my life, and that very much has caught up with my mental illness but blogging about what love has really helped me focus on what makes me happy again. It’s been largely thanks to that that I am making sure that I find at least one little thing to enjoy every day like video games, coffee (it’s a big one for me too), good food and watching Netflix.

    Music is probably the biggest mood lifter for me, and like you, I listen to all different genres. I tend to change them to balance out my mood. Angry rock music when I feel helpless. Happy pop when I feel sad. Soft indie stuff when I feel stressed. I don’t think I could cope without it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I really needed a reminder of the good stuff today.

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  6. Ominous skies. Gloomy looking days that inspire me to cozy up in a soft blanket, with warm tea on the side table and a good book in my hands. I don’t get enough of those.

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    • I know that feeling. Sometimes you just want be under a good blanket. I would most likely chose coffee over tea but a good book, I miss being able to read a good book all day. I am always so busy to take a step back and enjoy the little things.


  7. I’m a child of autumn. Give me that fallen-leaf smell, rich with the musky odor of the earth. Best perfume in the world. The first crisp autumn night of the year, with the silvery moon seeming to shine almost as bright as the sun – now that is a wonder to behold. The spine-shivering amount of possibilities I feel in the early darkness – from the most fearsome terrors imaginable to just going out and having a good time – drive me. I wish it could always be October.

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    • Thank you for sharing. It is great you have your children. I helped raise my two younger nieces so I get to spend time with them where I take them to Chuck E Cheese or to go buy toys, and also just hang out with them and watch movies. I have watched literally every My Little Pony movie/tv show out there because of my nieces. But they help keep the anxiety at bay even for only a fleeting moment. Thank you for sharing.


  8. I also love music, and used to read the Alex Cross novels too, Martina Cole’s books are some of my favourites. One of the things I love about this time of year is being able to stay inside with a good book and the heating on 😊

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  9. I find writing the most therapeutic when I’m down, that and any form of escapism such as listening to mood appropriate music – like you I have everything from Enya to Eminem, binge watching TV series, reading of course. When I’m ‘up’ then I am drinking tea after tea after tea and creating. I will be writing, designing, gardening and if I am not singing along to something then I am probably attempting to write my own music! I can’t read much when I am up though, concentration issues!

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  10. I love: fall colors, snow, new spring growth, perfect summer days, i.e. seasonal joys. Also, new ideas, hugs, fresh bread, the night sky. I love so much about the world that I wonder how I can sink to such levels of despair that death is appealing.

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