For the Love of Coffee

In my life, coffee and writing go hand in hand, so does coffee and reading.

There is nothing better than when that first sip of coffee hits your taste buds. The world changes. Everything comes into focus on all levels. I listen better. I feel as if nothing is out of reach. I feel as if I could write a million chapters in my novel. Yes, it’s just a temporary sugar high, but why not? Coffee is life.

This post is different than the ones I have written so far since creating this blog. I wanted it to be lighter, and about one of my favorite subjects.

As I sit here at Starbucks right now, I am thinking about the justifications of paying six dollars for a cup of coffee. When did coffee get so expensive? What I order of makes a big difference in why I pay so much.

Of course, I go all out when it comes to my caramel macchiato. I must get the almond milk. Extra charge! And there aren’t enough shots in it so, extra shot. Extra charge! Let’s make it extra hot (hey, they don’t charge extra for that!). It is no wonder that my therapist recommended no coffee after 12pm.

I think I can remember my first cup of coffee. I was maybe fourteen. The coffee was less than a 1.50, and at 7-11 if I remember it right. You always remember when that first taste of coffee changes your world.

Over the years, I have consumed more cups of coffee that I care to admit from a coffee pot. Lots of sugar and creamer. It always amazed me that you have powdered creamer and regular creamer that isn’t milk. Never been a fan of the first. Sugar always stays the same.

Now life is so complicated. Now they ask me do I want a latte or macchiato. Almond milk or soy milk. Hot. Cold. Frappuccino? There is always the classic cheaper option at Starbucks, the house blend black, no sugar or creamer. It costs less and it’s a great option for the struggling writer.

Then Starbucks goes and throws a curveball at me. They offer me a selection of fall and holiday drinks. My favorites are the chestnut praline latte and the gingerbread latte BTW.

The way that I justify spending six dollars on a cup of coffee is if my production that day is greater than the price. My production has been great lately so I can relish in this thought the output outweighs the price of consumption.

I don’t spend six dollars on a cup of coffee every day, but I do drink coffee daily. I usually have options in my refrigerator like cans of a double shot of Starbucks espresso, or the new sweetened black coffee that Starbucks offers in a glass bottle at my local grocery store. (I’m starting to sense a theme.)

I don’t know if my love for coffee is good or bad. But in my life, coffee is life. If this post seemed all over the place that was by design, it is a very Bipolar-esk written piece.

I’d like to know your thoughts about coffee, and if, for you, coffee is life.

J.E. Skye

Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao

20 thoughts on “For the Love of Coffee

  1. You made me smile, a long forgotten memory of my nan and mother drinking coffee together but not letting me have any telling me I was too young. I had to have tea (it’s a British thing although I hate the stuff now). My secret vice are Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos , supermarket bought, and I put them in the freezer for just a few minutes to give them that icey edge. *sigh* 🙂

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  2. I love coffee and have two cups with half and half every morning! I grind the Fair Trade Papua New Guinea beans myself and use a French press. (I’m probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t like Starbuck’s.) 🙂

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  3. I’m addicted to coffee… Hot, cold, fancy or not. I take mine with sweetner and creamer. Usually a flavored creamer like caramel and ’tis the season for PEPPERMINT MOCHA! My grocery store has a Starbucks in it, so I treat myself to a frap to sip on when I’m getting groceries. Usually a Grande. Why can’t they just be Small, Medium, Large? Starbucks, you are so fancy!

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  4. Funny story about coffee really…

    My blog, just over four years ago now? Began with a coffee fuelled manic spurt. My first post on here was possibly the cringeist piece of writing (if you can call it that) I have ever done. I shudder to thing of it now. After that post I never thought I’d keep at it, never mind go public with it all.

    I am also a self-confessed coffee addict, and I also have a Starbucks office – which was fine at first until the novel came about and I ended up spending most of my spare time there… and my spare cash! I am now considering moving to a three bed where I can replicate the coffee shop feel in to my home study!

    It’s nice to come across a fellow coffee lover, bipolar blogger and fiction writer and i’ll look forward to reading more!

    M x

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  5. I got off the coffee kick when I started having digestive problems thinking the cocoa bean may not be good for me. I switched to the flavored green teas. Of course, the first taste does not smack like it did with coffee but I think I like the caffeine effect of tea better. I do not have to consider jitters anymore. If you ever have the chance to try Greek coffee, I hope you do not pass it up.

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  6. Oh I love it! I love your writing style and this post is so uplifting! I am a lover of coffee as well. I’m actually a barista (to fund my lavish lifestyle i.e. Coffee addiction)

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    • I greatly appreciate your compliment. This was one post that I loved to write. I think coffee addictions are the best. That’s awesome that you a barista, in my opinion they are the unsung hero’s in the world. I am so much better with coffee in my system.

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  9. I’ve just discovered my love for coffee in the last two years. I’ve always loved how it smelled but not how it tastes. One day a friend of mine, who is a coffee addict, told me I had not had the right coffee experience. So she made me a few cups her way and since then I have been hooked. Now I can’t start my mornings when I go to work without it. I look back and wonder how I made it through 32 years without it.

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