My Sunday Ritual

I wanted to write a small blog post to end what has been a great week. I achieved my goals for the week and far exceed my overall expectations in school and my professional life. In just a few short week I have made a connection with others like me through this very blog, which is always the goal.

My Sunday ritual before bed is one that may be familiar to some, refilling my medication for the week. It is one that, now that I reflect, wasn’t one that was a solo act. For so long my family would have to watch me refill my medication so that my access to medication would be limited. I can’t blame them given my past.

As I refilled the four slots of each day of a seven-day week I realized how far in many ways I have come on my journey. Almost ten years ago my diagnosis put me on this the journey that has had so many bumps and bruises. And yet, someone who once tried to kill himself by overdosing on the very medicine, when I put into each my pills in each section, it feels good to know that the trust I have earned with my family, my doctors, and my therapists will not be wasted.

I made a promise in 2010 that I would continue this path no matter how many setbacks I have along the way, and there have been many. I am here to stay, and this Sunday ritual will always reset my week. I find comfort in that thought.

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3 thoughts on “My Sunday Ritual

  1. Hello James, what courage you have to share your story with others in this blog. Many others who are struggling. I like how you connect the weekly re-filling of the compartments of your medication box with the commitment to stay here for family and friends. That is so evocative! 🙂
    p.s. Have you seen Ellen Forney’s book “Marbles”? I only mention it because reading it helped me to understand this topic much more deeply than I had before. 🙂

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